At Pipes4Mike Tampers & Turnings, we also create custom,
handcrafted bottle stoppers for Spirits like Scotch, 
Brandy, Whiskey, etc., as well as our
wine bottle stoppers and pipe tampers.

We only use quality woods, as well as
well detailed, beautifully accentuated acrylics.
These are offered with pout thru spouts, which
allow for removal of the top, and the ability to pour
your drink without the messy, noisy glugging and splashing.

These Stoppers are placed into a
color coordinating satin bag, and come in a gift box.

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Tampers & Turnings
Custom Spirit Bottle Stoppers
Molten Metal - Lucite
pour-thru Stopper
Purple Heart - Wood
pour-thru Stopper
Ebony - Wood
pour-thru Stopper
Bronze & Gold - Lucite
pour-thru Stopper
Black Peacock - Lucite
pour-thru Stopper
$29.95 +4.95 S/H
$29.95 +4.95 S/H
$29.95 +4.95 S/H
$29.95 +4.95 S/H
$29.95 +4.95 S/H
This is the pour-thru spout with a top
removed so you can see the the whole 
pouring unit looks like.