These pipes were in sad shape,
but came here for refurbishing.
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Poor Richards  -  1950's era 
Stem needs a lot of work.  Very oxidized and scratched with heavy tooth marks.
Bowl and shank need serious cleaning.  
The rim is very charred, looks like there may be a deep crack.
Hopefully, it will only be a surface fissure.  
I can't tell yet due to the gunk on the outside of the bowl 
Also, you can see where the "fills" are falling out.
The stem is so oxidized, that black dust remains on my hand after merely touching it.
Strong imprint remains on the briar itself.
Carey Magic Inch  -  Late 1950's era 
Stem is in so-so condition for it's age.  New papyrus filter is needed.
Bowl is very heavily caked.  The rim is quite charred. 
There is a lot of "knocking out" damage, so it looks like it's been ground down at an angle 
by about 3/16".  I won't repair the knock marks by grinding the top of the bowl, though. 
I'll just clean it up so the asthetics
of the pipe aren't changed. The markings are still very clear on the briar.

Savinelli Antique Shell - 315KS
Unknown Era - Overall decent condition.  
Some charring on the rim, and the stem is oxidized, but not overly scratched or bitten. 
The Savinelli hallmark on the stem is worn down quite a bit though.
Strong imprint remains on the briar itself.
Pipe Refurbishing
Clean & deoxidize stem, sanitize, ream, buff & polish with Carnuba Wax = $15.00*
All of the Above Plus sanding out minor scratches and restain = $25.00*
Banding - $ To be determined upon review via e-mail pics*
*Plus return Shipping charges
(note: some heavy tooth marks may slightly remain)
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This bent pipe is a Miracle Cake, and it looks like it's from the early 60's.
I'm disappointed, because this before picture is the only one that turned out worth posting.
Apparently my digital camera battery was dying, and made for very blurry pictures.
At any rate, this baby needed a band because it had a cracked shank.  I dressed
it up with a nickle band, so it won't tarnish like a sterling silver one would.  It had some 
rim scratches, and the stem was pretty oxidized.  
She cleaned up very nicely!

This is the Miracle Cake pipe with a new tamper I finished up. Since it's transparent,
It looks as if the lucite contains smoke inside, and the depth is just beautiful!
This was listed on the site, and sold much quicker than I anticipated. 
If you'd like to discuss refurbishing one of your pipes, or
would like to talk about having a custom stem made, contact me!

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Unfortunately, this did have a crack clear thru the left side of the bowl.  Since it is an estate pipe, the owner
wanted it cleaned up anyway, so it will look nice in his rack.  All but the deepest dents came out where the
tooth marks were, leaving only tiny divots.  It looks like some are deep, but it's the flash reflection.
This one cleaned up really nice.  The stem shined up perfectly.  The owner wanted the bowl sanded 
down, and a new stain put on.  He chose to go just a couple shades lighter than original.  
It turns out that it looks much better after being lightened up.
Once he puts in the new papyrus filter, he'll be ready to enjoy it again!
Since this was in decent shap, all that was needed was buffing out the oxidization, and
putting a new overall shine on the bowl.  Sanitizing went real well since it's a newer
pipe, and looks to have been taken care of a bit better.

Tampers & Turnings