Pipes4Mike.com is a terrific place to get your pipe tampers! 
Each one is made by hand, with help from my lathe, and my son Cody. 
They're all unique, and are made from a variety of materials 
such as vulcanite, lucite, wood, antler, horn and metal.

Tamping allows your pipe smoking experience to be more enjoyable with less re-lights 
which risks charing the rim of the bowl. The tampers are comfortable, easy to hold, and 
lightweight for their size, With just enough weight to let the tamper do the job rather than 
needing to determine your own pressure (which often times leads to "over tamping"). 
Anyone who's ever over-tamped can attest to this. 
  They're also a Great conversation piece!

We pay attention to detail so that you, or the discriminating pipe smoker in your life will have a pipe 
tool that is both beautiful, as well as functional. If you'd like to browse the current selection, I 
encourage you to do so and if you like a particular style, and would like something similar in a material 
of your choice, please visit the "Special Request Tamper" section. 
There, you'll be able to click to view the numerous materials I use. 

You can choose your own foot style and material as well, from either aluminum or 
brass and have the foot in either a satin or polished finish. 

I will also create custom stems for your pipe.  You'll need to 
contact me so we can discuss what it is you'd like, and I 
will then be able to provide you with appropriate pricing. 
If you'd like your pipe cleaned and refurbished, 
you can see the "Pipe Refurbishing" page and contact 
me with any questions or concerns you may have. 

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