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Pipes4Mike Tampers & Turnings
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1) Who is this Pipe Mike person? 
Mike is a pipe smoker who is not very fond of the horseshoe nails.   
Sure, they work!  But, he likens it to putting a plastic squeeze horn on his Motorcycle.   
He just can't do it!  Mike is stuffy enough that he would rather
use a nice, custom, hand crafted tamper instead.   He feels that if he plunks 
down $150+ for a pipe, he should compliment it with a nice tamper. 

2) Does Mike make pipes, as well? 
He does, but far less often, and has none for sale at the moment.  
He prefers to keep them for his own smoking pleasure, 
 or gift them to close friends.
Keep buggin' him to list them here!

3) How often is this site updated? 
Pipes4Mike is updated weekly or more often, as he adds new pieces to sell.
4) Can I find these awesome products in stores? 
Currently, these are only available thru this website.  
If you own, or know of a shop that would like to carry them,
let him know - He'd be happy to discuss it.

5) How does Mike make these wonderful creations? 
When Mike selects the material to work on, he has great ideas about what he'd like to end up with.   
However, the material often has a mind of it's own, so Mike has to remove the unneeded material, 
to reveal what's hiding inside.  Mike rarely wins this discussion between him and the material.   
It's like trying to make a kitten out of puppy parts.  
He lets the material guide him, and he toils over it until it's just right!

6) Can Mike make a special one just for me if I draw it for him? 
Ummm.....  He can come close!   
You should e-mail Mike a picture of what you'd like to have, but Please keep in mind the answer 
to question #5 above.   He'll let you know if any of the material in his shop indicates that it 
wants to look similar to your rendering. A deposit of $20 is normally requested if he feels it's 
possible, with the balance due upon completion.
Check out the Materials Pageto select the wood or lucite that you'd like.


7) Why are these so affordable? 

Mike likes to keep his prices low because it's his opinion that every pipe smoker from 
Dunhill's to Grabow's should  be able to afford a nice tamper, at a reasonable price.  
Just like everyone who buys a $10 wine or a $100 wine should be able to afford a great stopper! 
Yep!  Everyone!
8) How many of these beautiful pieces of art can I buy? 
Well, You can buy as many as you want!   Just make sure to add each one to your cart, 
and verify contents before finalizing your order.
9) How do I pay for my selection? 
Mike has made it really simple!  
Simply click on Buy now, or add them to your Cart, and 
you can pay using Paypal or another credit card.   
Paypal is safe and secure.  Honest!
10) The one I wanted has already been sold!  Now what? 
You can e-mail Mike the product number, and he'll create a very similar one.   
But remember the answer to Question #5.   
Please understand that it may be a tad shorter, taller, slimmer or fatter.
12) How long before my item will be ready to ship? 
Mike will ship your in-stock item the very next business day after payment clears, 
and for special requests, he ships within 2 weeks. 
13) What happens if the item is damaged upon receipt? 
It's extremely unlikely due to the way he packs them.   
However, Mike insures each and every shipment, and you don't pay extra for this.   
He will refund your purchase price, or make a new, very similar tamper for you.   
All you have to do is return the damaged item to him, and he'll do the rest. 
He'll even pay for the return postage!   
How cool is that?

14) If I leave a comment, or submit my e-mail info to receive updated 
item listings - Who can see my private info? 
Only Pipe Mike will see it.  
It will NOT be given out, sold, traded, or shown to 
any other person or company to use.   

15) I'm not sure which one of these beauties to get as a gift!
Can I buy a Gift Certificate, and let them choose? 
Of Course!  There's a link toward the bottom of this page! 

16) Does he make other things?
Yes, he does! He makes wine bottle stoppers and other hand turned items.
You can check out those items by clicking on the appropriate pictures.