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Tampers & Turnings
Pipes4Mike is proud to be the exclusive distributor of

- Clay Pipe Bowl Inserts -

Crafted by Claymine Products

The Newest, and
Most Ingenious New Product on the Site!

Enjoy the true taste of your tobacco like a clay pipe - without the expense!

These have been expertly hand crafted from a very high quality
white clay, and are offered in a variety of sizes.

If you're enjoy sampling a new tobacco, and don't like
the usual ghosting from previous smokes -
then this is the way to go.

Just slip one into your bowl, pack it - light it, and
taste the sample tobacco to help aid in your decision to purchase.

They are easily modified with the use of an emery board or
a small file.  It take mere seconds to adjust these into a perfect fit
for the size bowl you have, and the amount of cake you prefer.

Simple, but detailed Instructions on creating
an exact fit to your bowl are included!

The sizes available are as follows:
Standard Sizing Options

* Note:  
Maximum of 5 sets per
shipping container at prices listed above.

Please contact Pipe Mike for a customized quote on 
larger quantity or custom orders
or - special handling requests.
Free First Class Shipping/Handling
 Anywhere in the U.S.A.
Sold in Packs of 3
1 pack  = $10.00ea.
2 packs  = $9.50ea.
3 packs  = $9.00ea.
4 packs  = $8.50ea.
5 packs  = $8.00ea.

How many Packs?
Must State 7/8" or 1" Deep