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Here at Pipes4Mike, you'll find a selection of handcrafted pipe tampers as well
as wine bottle stoppers made from a variety 
of materials including Vulcanite, Lucite, Wood, Bone, Antler, Tusk, Horn and Metal.

All tampers and stoppers on this site are created by Mike, along with his son Cody who enjoy 
creating freehand pieces of usable art, as well as lathe turned tampers which 
are then carefully sanded in a multi-step, time consuming process before 
being buffed to a brilliant, and durable carnuba wax finish.

Very few of the wooden tampers are colored, but those that are have a
complimentary stain applied to bring out, and accentuate the grain.  

This began as a hobby, so that Mike himself, could have a quality tamper rather than the
cheap-o nail or 3-in-one that he always used.  He wanted something that would accent
the quality pipes that he smokes.  Something that was a conversation piece, a piece of art, and 
a very usable tamper!  Wow!  His own 3-in-one!

When some of his friends saw what he had made, they asked him to create one for them, too.
Well, Mike made some, and sold them to his buddies.
Pipes4Mike was born!  

Mike is always thinking up new designs, and will place them here
as they become available, so the site will be continuously updated.  

If you have a particular wood that you'd like to have a tamper 
created from, or a particular color of Lucite, Please click the Available Materials 
link and send Mike a note.  Based on the information you entered, he'll contact you to discuss 
the particulars so you too, can have a beautiful tamper, and one that will accent your pipe!
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